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Pueraria mirifica organic 400 mg V-caps

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Siam Natural herbal health & nutriment botanical compounds are all available in powder and Veggie caps. We offer both of Thailand's native Kwao Krua; Butea superba, an industry standard for mens natural health & Pueraria mirifica super natural phyto-estrogen herb for women & transgender men. We were the first to export Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba in 2003 and are the ultimate source for super natural high grade Siam Natural Organic vitamin and natural supplements along with an array of truly handmade natural cosmetics.

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Pueraria mirifica Sacred Pink Lotus Facial

Envisage certified organic NightWerks Blueberry - Pueraria mirifica - Aloe Vera Antiaging Facial Gel M/F


Envisage Naturoestrol Shea Butter - Pueraria mirifica - Marine Collagen Protein Anti-aging Facial Nutrition Cream M/F

Envisage Pueraria mirifica Eye Serum

contains super antiaging liquid SFE Mangosteen Xanthones + Artocarpus Lakoocha heartwood w Oxyreservatrol

a natural skin lightening & sensitive eye area skin restoration elixir.

Pueraria mirifica Raw Gac Fruit Carotenoid + Marine Protein Facial Nutrition Cream


Pueraria mirifica Sea Collagen Cream



Pueraria mirifica Sea Protein Breast Firming Cream


Pueraria mirifica Hair Color Restoration Tonic


Pueraria mirifica Nutraceutical Cosmetic Gift basket


Pueraria mirifica FEMM++ gel with Curcuma comosa

Pueraria mirifica FEMM++ Gel

Natural beauty & improved physical appearance are good reason enough to enjoy all the benefits of authentic organic Pueraria mirifica products - direct from the grower - manufacturers in Thailand.
Our customers see & feel improved skin & breast firming, lissome agility, smooth natural glowing beauty, body hormone balancing, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging results from phyto-chemical-rich Pueraria mirifica.

All nutraceutical formulations are designed by the internationally acclaimed
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